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From keynote speakers, technical presentations, and committee meetings to the fast-paced PitchFest, Haystack Connect is known for the quality of its technical program.

Program Preview

Here are just some of the exciting presentations you can expect to see at this year’s Haystack Connect:


Haystack in Practice

Haystack in Practice – Success Story for Coster Group
Alex Rohweder, Chief Executive Officer, J2 Innovations, and Matteo Pierone, Global Strategy Head and EMEA Professional Services Director, J2 Innovations
Hear how J2 Innovations partnered with Italian controls specialist Coster Group to embed FIN Framework (FIN) into a new generation of plant and building control solutions.

Haystack Benefits in the K-12 Education Market
Jamie Lee, Product Manager, Siemens Industry, Inc
Today’s schools and school districts are facing increasing challenges to manage their lighting and environmental comfort systems to increase efficiency and maintain a healthy environment. The implementation of haystack helps to define data for current and future buildings, so schools can continue to evolve into healthier, more productive facilities.

Making Data Work for You – How Does Haystack Help to Ease Concerns with Today’s Ever-Growing IoT Movement?
Jamie Lee, Product Manager, Siemens Industry, Inc
The Internet of Things is requiring more systems and data points to be managed by Building Automation Systems, resulting in mountains of critical building data that can be captured to deliver building intelligence data to building owners and facility managers. By incorporating Haystack, owners, engineers, and service providers can begin to make sense of the vast amounts of data stored in building devices and systems. 

Analysis of Tagged Energy Data Via Machine Learning
Jan Široký, Head of Research Department, Energocentrum
This presentation will focus on the usage and practical aspects of machine learning in the context of tagged energy data, including typical pitfalls of energy data such as outliers or energy to power conversion, tagging convention and the topology of meters and virtual meters, and tools for machine learning-based analysis. 

Recognizing Haystack Permanence – What is the Next Step?
Matt Schwartz, Associate Principal, Altura Associates
In this presentation of real-world Haystack use cases, we will make the case for why our industry needs to recognize and fully embrace the need for a data export and exchange service that comes in the box with our building automation devices and smart building systems.

Applying Haystack 4 in a Residential Analytics and Control Application
Adam Wallen, Training Lead, SkyFoundry
Residential automation and control devices provide compelling opportunities for information, analysis, and control. This presentation highlights the use of Haystack 4 Defs to model smart residential devices including smart thermostats, wireless wall plugs, colored lights, and many more end devices.  


Technical Track

State of the Union for Haystack 4
Brian Frank, Technical Lead, Project Haystack
Several years of real-world deployment and software tooling with Haystack 4 has proven that its fundamental design is a solid foundation for years to come. We will cover the major efforts underway to enhance Haystack and their effects on the final design of Haystack 4.

Open Sourcing a Comprehensive Haystack Def Compiler
Brian Frank, Co-Founder & CEO, SkyFoundry
SkyFoundry is open sourcing its entire commercial Haystack 4 software stack including data structures, parsers, ontology engine, and the compiler used to verify and compile Haystack 4 definitions into HTML and other output formats. This is a software stack that has seen rigorous production use for over a decade and should provide a great reference implementation for the community. 

Haystack Core TypeScript Library
Jason Briggs, CTO, J2 Innovations, and Gareth Johnson, Senior Cloud Architect, J2 Innovations
Haystack Core is a new open-source Haystack v4 implementation written in TypeScript. This presentation discusses how to use the library to create sophisticated Haystack enabled software applications.

Haystack Tagging for Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage Systems
Jaap Balvers, Team Lead Building Analytics, BAM Energy Systems
The ATES systems Working Group has compiled a proposal for standardizing the tagging definitions for aquifer thermal energy storage systems. These energy-efficient heating and cooling systems use thermal energy from ground water to provide heating and cooling to a building. The WG presents an overview of the new Haystack definitions and some challenged encountered along the way.

Update from WG#798 – Haystack JSON Encoding
Gareth Johnson, Senior Cloud Architect, J2 Innovations
Haystack has a new JSON encoding (a.k.a Hayson). This presentation describes the new standard and how it can be utilized with JSON and OpenAPI schema to create robust Haystack enabled REST APIs and more.

Tridium’s Haystack Tag Dictionary
Eric Anderson, Software Engineer, Tridium
Tridium’s Niagara Haystack Tag Dictionary allows users to change the behavior of items in that dictionary. This presentation will review how this works with smart relations, when a user would select them, and how to customize their dictionary to meet their requirements.

Dynamic Integration in Digital Twins
Anto Budiardjo, CEO Padi, Inc.
In the Digital Twin, integrating the multitudes of different domains and connecting disparate systems to work together for users and the system-of-systems architecture is very much its raison d’etre. This presentation will introduce Connection Profiles, a new open integration mechanism used to connect any/all systems regardless of protocol and semantics, making true Digital Twins a reality.

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