Interoperable Blues Band (IBB)

One of the most fun events at Haystack Connect!

One of the most memorable elements of the Haystack Connect conference is the return of the Interoperable Blues Band or IBB. Formed in 2002, the IBB is not just any band, but the integration of talented players from across our industry and featured professional artists who join together on one special night. We bring together pro players with our industry colleagues—the results are magical moments!

Let us know if there is an instrument you play, a song you’d like to perform, and we’ll work with the band to learn the tune and arrangement. They’ll be ready to play the song at Haystack Connect, and chances are—it’s already in their repertoire.

Sign up via this webpage, and we’ll reach back to you to coordinate. At the event, the music director will call you up for your song, the band will be ready for you!

To join in the fun, you don’t have to play an instrument—everyone is “in the band” at this event. We provide percussion instruments throughout the room and backline gear for those who have signed up to play. And of course, the fabled Petock IBB backup singers, the “Petockettes,” will make a return appearance. SIGN UP TODAY!

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